tahiti destination weddingThere are many reasons people choose destination weddings. They are typically less expensive than a traditional wedding, they are usually in a tropical environment + they are just as beautiful, if not more stunning, than the wedding you would have at home.

Tahiti falls under all these categories + one of the other great benefits of a wedding in Bora Bora is, if you choose, you can simply stay an extra week
+ continue your honeymoon in the same location.

Many people choose destination weddings to save money. Having a wedding in Bora Bora can save you enough money to afford a wonderful honeymoon in this tropical paradise. But don’t think you lose anything because it is less expensive. A wedding here is 5-star all the way + you will most likely get even better service, accommodations + cuisine than you would at home.

Accommodations, airport transfers, activities + spa treatments are all included with a destination wedding package to Tahiti; + not just for you but for your guests as well. It’s great to not have to worry about any of the wedding coordination but it’s even better to know that your travel concierge will make things just as easy for all your guests.

Destination weddings are great for any wedding, but many people these days are choosing them for their second go around. People who have already gone through the big wedding one time don’t like to go through that process when they marry again. Having a destination wedding in Tahiti is a hassle free wedding that will give a fresh perspective + added touch of romance to their new nuptials + make their new love unique, intimate + special.

There is really no downside to a destination wedding in Tahiti. Inexpensive, tropical, 5-star service + everything coordinated for you. It’s a win-win trip for everyone involved + one of the most beautiful locales you’ll ever come across.